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Jean Delcourt
Jean Delcourt
Au début, j'avais pas pris l'option de diffusion. J'me suis dit que ça servait à rien. Mais après j'ai tenté le coup. Et là, ça a a marché ! J'ai enfin trouvé mon chez-moi. Merci à Charlotte qui m'a aidé.
Eddy Kambau
Eddy Kambau
Grâce à Appartoo colocation à Paris j’ai pu trouver un appartement selon mes critères et je suis entièrement satisfait. Milles merci à Claire pour le service de qualité qu’elle rend. Efficace et à l’écoute, je recommande.
Léna Lachaux
Léna Lachaux
Merci à claire pour son aide et son accompagnement. J’ai pu trouver une super coloc assez rapidement.
Un grand merci à Claire de m’avoir accompagné dans ma recherche de logement. Elle a su me donner les meilleurs conseils pour la prise de décision. Très à l’écoute, réactive et professionnelle. Je recommande vivement.
Nourou NIANG (nansser)
Nourou NIANG (nansser)
Enfin, j'ai décroché mon premier bail grâce à Appartoo Colocation Paris.Vous êtes les meilleurs !!! Vous avez la chance d'avoir Claire dans votre équipe. Je la remercie très sincèrement pour son sens de l'écoute, sa disponibilité et son professionnalisme. Bonne continuation !!!
M2_ 2835
M2_ 2835
Recommandé 👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Et Merci beaucoup à Claire qui m’aider énormément , Grâce à elle j’ai pu trouver mon appartement et traiter mes documents franchement une fille Doué dans son travail 👏👏
Super agence et personnel très sympathique. Petit coucou à Claire 😉 elle lâche rien tant que vous n’êtes pas satisfait !
Zac Bacar
Zac Bacar
L’équipe d’appartoo m’a aidé à trouver une très bonne colocation. Je recommande vraiment pour ceux qui galère à trouver une colocation ou un lieu où vivre à paris. Merci à l’équipe Appartoo !!!
Cindy De Guigné
Cindy De Guigné
Je recommande vivement les services d’Appartoo. Dans le cadre de la mise en location d’un appartement, je suis passée par eux et j’ai beaucoup apprécié leur réactivité, leur professionnalisme, leur suivi et leur accompagnement. Je remercie particulièrement Claire qui a fait preuve d’une grande gentillesse, de beaucoup de disponibilité et de professionnalisme.

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Furnished: Yes
September 1, 2024
Accompaniement : Yes

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Furnished: Yes
September 1, 2024
Accompaniement : Yes


Studio or T1, An apartment, One bedroom
Paris, Vincennes, Saint-Mandé, Fontenay-sous-bois
Furnished: Yes
September 1, 2024

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Living in a shared apartment in Paris?

The housing market is therefore extremely tight and rents are very high, which has favored the emergence of shared accommodation which makes it possible to rent cheaper accommodation. Create or join shared accommodation in Paris – Ile-de-France offers the perfect solution for accommodation in the ideal neighborhood with beautiful living spaces at a lower cost.

Indeed, finding accommodation to share in Paris with other student or young working roommates is the best way to save on the price of rent. It is also an opportunity to make friends, for example for the next school year, with the roommates who live there. With the presence of numerous schools and universities (Paris I to VII universities, ENS, Sciences Po, Mines ParisTech, etc.), the capital attracts many students and interns, some of whom must turn to shared accommodation, most of the time for budgetary reasons but also for the user-friendly side which is attracting more and more people.

What you need to know before you start.

Remember that the legal private surface area of your room must be at least 9m2. If renting a shared room in Paris requires certain concessions and rules of living together, it also has several advantages: giving access to larger and better located accommodation than if you had stayed alone, meeting people or sharing the different charges for example. For the lucky ones, you will also benefit from a private bathroom for maximum comfort. For those who want additional services, you can also look at coliving apartments in Paris.

How to find accommodation on “shared accommodation in Paris”?

Based on its concept of reverse connection from individual to individual, is a good plan for finding a shared accommodation or a roommate in Paris and the Paris region, quickly, efficiently and economically.

Discover all our roommate ads in Paris on Simply register for free, complete your rental file and apply for the shared accommodation offers that interest you. Come and discover the Parisian roommate! Not in the mood for community living? You can apply among our real estate advertisements for a studio, a room in a private home, etc.

The ideal, for better harmony, is to look for roommates with things in common: only girls, boys, students from the same school, of the same nationality, roommates for couples, young people, etc.

How to offer accommodation on “shared accommodation in Paris”?

For people who have rooms available in a shared accommodation or owners who rent their apartment in shared accommodation in Paris intra-muros or the IDF, helps you search for your future roommates for free based on their profile.

Beware of scams!

This is a phenomenon that has been going on for ages, and which will continue wherever the real estate rental and co-location market is tense: apartment rental scams are commonplace on the internet despite warnings and alerts from various real estate players and public authorities. So be wary of overly tempting offers and above all don't pay anything before signing your lease.

On “shared accommodation in Paris, thanks to our experience, we have implemented very strict control procedures to minimize this risk in order to protect our users. However, if you have any doubts, contact us at

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